Where do you deliver?

We currently deliver all over New Zealand. At our checkout, you can choose our standard service (2 to 4 days, depending on where you live), our speedy service (1 to 2 days, depending on where you live) or our same day service if you're Auckland based.

Auckland bags are delivered by our own fleet. Outside of Auckland bags are delivered by our friendly drivers at New Zealand Couriers or Castle Parcels. Wherever you are, you’ll be sent some information on email that will enable you to track your bag.

Do I need to be home to receive my baby bag?

No, our drivers all have authority to leave your bag on your doorstep. They'll always try to find a snuggly spot out of direct sunlight. If your front door is exposed, please send us a note with some secret squirrel delivery instructions. If you have a sleeping baby, or if you're in need of some sleep yourself, send us a note telling us to tiptoe!

What if it's frozen?

If you order twelve or more frozen products your order will be packed in a chillbox free of charge, which allows you around twenty hours chilled time. For orders less than twelve units, your order will be packed in our insulated foil, which allows you around four hours chilled time. If you're concerned about leaving frozen goodies on your doorstep while you're not home, pop a chilly bin outside!

I'm outside of Auckland, why am I charged additional packaging costs for my frozen goods?

This cost is to account for the polybox and additional ice required to keep your products at temperature while we transport them all the way from our little warehouse, to your doorstep! We don't make a margin on these costs - they're simply to ensure your product arrives in pristine condition.

How can I Click & Collect?

You're most welcome to come and collect your bag from our warehouse - we would love to meet you! We are located in Avondale, Auckland. There is a Click & Collect option at our checkout and it's free of charge. Our warehouse is open from 9am until 2pm weekdays.

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