Hi, I’m Jessie, mum to two boisterous little boys and founder of The Baby Bag

When my husband Paul and I started our own busy little family, we were surprised at the lack of infrastructure that existed to support parents like us.

Baby supplies were required with such high frequency by families that typically had very little flexibility in their daily routines. Armed with the determination to revolutionize parenting as we knew it, we launched The Baby Bag.

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Our smart service is designed to suit you and your little family.

Taking into account your baby’s growth and development and the changing calendar seasons, our system can guide you through the ages and stages of nappies, food and baby care.

Meet the team

Thebabybag team gina

Gina is our Office Manager, which means she looks after all of our financial stuff.

For Gina, the best part about being a parent to Charlotte (4) and Eddie (2) is the love that she experiences, both for them and from them; and also the love she feels watching their sibling friendship grow.

Thebabybag team anna

Anna is our Operations Manager, which means she looks after the day to day running of our Baby Bag ship - everything from customer service to ordering in products and managing our drivers.

For Anna, the best part about being a parent to Connor (3) and Jeremy (1) is watching them experience joy when they achieve things, big and small.

Parenthood is an adventure like no other
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